Sure… We’ll Take the Old Guy…

I’ve always considered myself a fan of Omar Vizquel. He’s been an above average player for most of his whole career, and at forty-three-years-old is still going strong… I think…

With that out of the way, I have no idea why we completed this deal. Was it just to fill a roster spot because none of the rookies are deserving of a call-up? I know the infield is questionable at the moment, but why would we bring in Omar Vizquel? He’s starting to become the Kenny Lofton of the infield — a player who is still good enough to start but can’t seem to find a way to stay on a team for more than a year.

We’ve got Teahen at third base, and he’s pretty young. Ramirez and Beckham up the middle are young guys, too. And then you have Konerko at first base; the “curmudgeonly old man” of the South Side infield. Where will Vizquel play? I know we only brought him in to be a positional spot-starter, but who’s he gonna spot-start for? He can’t play first base (that I know of) so that’s out of the question. Beckham and Ramirez could play two hundred games a season for all the care, and if Teahen gets off to a hot streak and is benched by Ozzie so Vizquel can start, that could mess up Teahen entirely.

I’m glad I’m not the manager of the team and am just a lowly amateur blogger. If I was the manager, the team would be more of a mess than it is right now.

And don’t even get me started on general manager…

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  1. raysrenegade

    Sometimes bringing in some one like Omar can make Ramirez or maybe even Beckham a better fielder just by his little tricks of the game.
    Look at what happened in Texas with Elvis Andrus. He was not the total package coming out of Spring Training, but you know having Omar there to talk him through some adjustments and show him some footing problems he got better and better.
    Look at it as a nice 1 year experiment to provide an extra set of eye to make the White Sox middle defense better this year.
    Anywats, if you have ever seen Omar do that glove flip up where he doesn’t even let the ball go into the glove but used the bottom of the glove to pop the ball up for him to grab and throw, it has gotten many a speedster over his career.

    Rays Renegade

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