4/7 – Game 1 vs. Rays

Edwin. Jackson.

During the game I posted “Arizona can have Daniel Hudson. I’ll take this Edwin Jackson any day” as my Facebook status. A couple of my Sox fan friends liked it and that made me smile. When he made his starts for us last season I was thinking to myself “I know we were gonna get Dunn but why would we trade this guy?” And those are my thoughts again so far this year. He was hitting 95 miles per hour with the fastball, his slider or curve or whatever it was had some ridiculous drop on it. Look at this, started here…
Jackson 1.jpg
Ended here
Jackson 2.jpg
That’s pretty much belt to feet right there. Amazing. 

You win ballgames primarily on pitching. Much like how in football defense wins championships, the pitcher is in complete control of the game. I’d much rather have this Edwin Jackson than Adam Dunn. But you won’t hear me complaining that we have both. (Speaking of Dunn, he’s eager to get back ahead of schedule. MLB.com reported he may have been available to pinch hit today and that he wants to be in the lineup tomorrow. We’ll see, Donkey.)
The offense scratched across a few of runs. I’m really glad Alex Rios is heating up. If that 1-2-3-4-5-6 of Pierre, Beckham, Dunn, Rios, Konerko, and Quentin keep hitting like this all season – even if any two of those guys stay hot at any time during the season – this will be a very potent offense. It’s already one of the best in the league but we have a chance to be really good. 
One thing that disappointed me (it was the home opener so I swept most of the mistakes under the rug) was A.J. Pierzynski grounding into an inning-ending double play with the bases loaded. In those situations you need to bring home at least two runs. But as I said, home opener, I’ll let it slide.
Sergio Santos did a good job out of the ‘pen. Starting right now, I’m gonna give out Bullpen Points to players who deserve points for a good job out of the bullpen. Leader board will be at the bottom of every post. 
Game two of this three-game series will be tomorrow, John Danks (0-1, 3.00) vs. James Shields (0-1, 2.45). Both guys obviously pitched well enough in their first starts but couldn’t come away with a win. John Danks’ first strike thrown is scheduled for 7:05 tomorrow night. 
1. Sergio Santos – 2 points


  1. Jeremy Visser

    Jackson is puzzling — he’s had some really good strings but hasn’t ever been able to pull it together for 34 starts over the course of a season. He had his best stretch in the Central with Detroit and looks great thus far in 2011. I didn’t catch the game today but his line speaks for itself. You guys able to sweep Tampa Bay for me this weekend?

  2. andersconrad12

    I know what you’re saying about Jackson. He can throw 140+ pitches and throw a no-hitter, he can scrape 100 and strike out 13 batters, but he can also give up 10 runs in 2 innings (April 27 of last year against Colorado). I’m hoping we’ll get this Edwin Jackson at least 10-12 more times this season. I’m sure the guys can pull of that sweep for you, the Rays are really struggling right now and the Sox are swinging the bats well. Starting pitching the second time through has been solid as well (granted we’re only two starts in).

  3. BigEJac

    Yo How do you put in the videos somebody told me that you need to embed from youtube, how do you do that I’ve tried that I copied the embed code, and put in my entry and all it shoed was the code when I clicked on my page and could you help please thanks dude. Do you need to check the enable privacy-enhanced mode or something. Thanks

  4. andersconrad12

    What I have on my post are just screen shots of the video. I’m not really sure how to embed the video itself =/


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