5/8 – Game 3 @ Mariners

That’s two in a row! Such a fantastic feeling to be blogging after back-to-back wins. The last time I was able to do this was at the beginning of the Yankees series. 

The scoring started in the fourth inning when Ramon Castro hit a single to left field which scored Paul Konerko. Left fielder Milton Badley made a horrible throw to home plate which Miguel Olivo couldn’t get a handle on, allowing Alex Rios to score on a not-so-close play at the plate. The game was tied at two until the tenth inning when the Sox pushed three runs across the plate against Brandon League. Brent Morel started off the tenth inning with a single then was driven in on an Alexei Ramirez double. Adam Dunn drove in Alexei Ramirez on a double of his own, then moved to third on a Paul Konerko single, and then scored on an Alex Rios single into center field. Konerko was a perfect five-for-five. 
Dunn is starting to look like a ballplayer again lately. Catherine’s shirt that says “This Girlie Loves Buehrle” inspired me to come up with a t-shirt idea of my own, which I shared with my family at lunch today: “Adam Dunn’s Batting Average + Time = Comedy.” Eventually we’ll all be laughing about his slow start and frankly I think that shirt would fly off the shelves. I’ll get my sister to work on it right away. I also thought of custom making a Twins jersey with number seven on it that says “DORK” instead of “MAUER.” That one would probably be a little more expensive… 
Mark Buehrle pitched eight innings of two-run ball for the third straight quality start from White Sox starting pitching. Buehrle struck out three batters and surrendered nine hits to the Mariners offense but didn’t earn a win as the game was tied when he came out of the game. Sergio Santos pitched two innings of shutout relief, matching Buehrle with three strikeouts, earning him two points. 

Bullpen Points Leaderboard
1Sergio Santos – 21 points
1Jesse Crain – 19 points
3Will Ohman – 12 points
4Chris Sale – 11 points
5Tony Pena – 8 points
5. Matt Thornton – 8 points
7Jeff Gray – 7 points

The Sox will move down the West coast tomorrow to take on the Angels who are currently in first place in their division with a record of 20-15. Edwin Jackson (2-4, 4.98) vs. Ervin Santana (1-3, 4.43) tomorrow night at 9:10. If you haven’t heard by now, Jake Peavy is scheduled to make his first start of the year on Wednesday. I definitely do not want to miss that game as I think Peavy will be better than people expect him to be. 
Go Sox!!


  1. andersconrad12

    Yep! I think it’ll be cool at the end of the season to easily go back to the games that stood out.
    – Anders

  2. blithescribe

    I think Peavy will do very well. I think the only legitimate concern is his health not his performance. Wednesday’s match-up is going to be a good one – the Angels rookie and the White Sox veteran.
    This is a very simple game…

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