7/4 – Game 1 vs. Royals

How about that!

Adam Dunn, who has been undoubtedly the biggest disappointment in the Major Leagues thus far through the season, comes up huge in the eighth inning with that two-run home run, earning him a curtain call that Paul Konerko – while half in the batter’s box – waited for. I don’t know what you think but I think Dunn is starting to turn it around. There’s no way he can continue to be this bad all year when we know he’s capable of fifty homers and one hundred ten runs batted in. Absolutely no way. He may not get up to those numbers I just said, but he’ll put up some big ones.

Speaking of Paul Konerko, he’s the leading vote-getter in the American League Final Vote category. In my mind he should’ve made the team in the first vote but, looking at Adrian Gonzalez’s stats, I can see how he edged Paulie. Still, though, it’s looking like Konerko will make the All-Star team!

It’s good to get back into the swing of blogging. I took a bit of time off because I had a freakishly busy schedule but now I should be back for the rest of the year, barring my extremely unforeseen death. Extremely unforeseen.


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