9/18 – ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

If you’re a long-time reader of my blog you know that I don’t have cable. And if you’re a new reader, well… I don’t have cable. I’m usually limited to when games are on local stations or I listen to the games on my iPad using MLB At-Bat (the greatest app in the history of apps – I’ve definitely gotten my $15 worth out of it). But every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday ESPN3 airs a game. Thanks to ESPN 3 I’m able to watch the Cardinals @ Phillies game tonight.

Let me tell you this is the best I’ve seen Chris Carpenter in a long time. His curveball, when it isn’t sharp, is big and sweeping and pretty. His control is great as he’s hitting the spots with consistency. His command is there as he can throw any of his pitches with accuracy. Granted Cole Hamels’ strikeout total is a more attractive numbere, Carp has been nothing short of great.

Albert Pujols is going to continue his streak of .300/30/100 seasons as he’s only five RBI short of the 100 mark here in this 2011 campaign. His average is a tick above the .300 mark so if he can get that a couple more digits above there in order to avoid heart attacks in Cardinals nation – and among regular fans of the sport – that would be great.

Meanwhile the race in the American League Wild Card is heating up. The Rays are two games back of the Red Sox in that Wild Card with a week and a half left to go. This is why this is the most bittersweet time of the season for me. It’s really exciting but at the same time it means the baseball season is almost over and my self-adopted life purpose goes into hibernation mode. Anyway – it’s looking to be exciting races for both the NL and the AL Wild Card.

I’m writing this as Allen Craig belts his second homer of the game to straightaway centerfield here in the top of the eighth inning. I’m hoping this Cardinals team makes it to the playoffs because they are definitely exciting to watch.



  1. Sandra Grubb

    Need to see more of the game Sunday night, LESS of old players making comments about everyother game instead of the one we are watching.

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