9/18 – ESPN Sunday Night Baseball

If you’re a long-time reader of my blog you know that I don’t have cable. And if you’re a new reader, well… I don’t have cable. I’m usually limited to when games are on local stations or I listen to the games on my iPad using MLB At-Bat (the greatest app in the history of apps – I’ve definitely gotten my $15 worth out of it). But every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday ESPN3 airs a game. Thanks to ESPN 3 I’m able to watch the Cardinals @ Phillies game tonight.

Let me tell you this is the best I’ve seen Chris Carpenter in a long time. His curveball, when it isn’t sharp, is big and sweeping and pretty. His control is great as he’s hitting the spots with consistency. His command is there as he can throw any of his pitches with accuracy. Granted Cole Hamels’ strikeout total is a more attractive numbere, Carp has been nothing short of great.

Albert Pujols is going to continue his streak of .300/30/100 seasons as he’s only five RBI short of the 100 mark here in this 2011 campaign. His average is a tick above the .300 mark so if he can get that a couple more digits above there in order to avoid heart attacks in Cardinals nation – and among regular fans of the sport – that would be great.

Meanwhile the race in the American League Wild Card is heating up. The Rays are two games back of the Red Sox in that Wild Card with a week and a half left to go. This is why this is the most bittersweet time of the season for me. It’s really exciting but at the same time it means the baseball season is almost over and my self-adopted life purpose goes into hibernation mode. Anyway – it’s looking to be exciting races for both the NL and the AL Wild Card.

I’m writing this as Allen Craig belts his second homer of the game to straightaway centerfield here in the top of the eighth inning. I’m hoping this Cardinals team makes it to the playoffs because they are definitely exciting to watch.


9/16 – The Rest of the Season

Well, any hope of a meaningful White Sox season has pretty much been thrown out the window. In fact, I think we’re now mathamatically eliminated from playoff contention. That being said, there’s still a lot of baseball left to be played and for me to write about. (Don’t worry, I won’t go away this time.)

The game I’m really excited about tonight is the Cardinals @ Phillies game. Since the Braves have sort of been slowing down in the Wild Card and the Brewers are kinda running away with the NL Central the Cards have been creeping into that NL Wild Card spot. Right now they sit 4.5 games behind the Braves and slowly gaining momentum for a huge playoff push. The Braves are in a series with the Mets right now so if New York can play spoiler and the Cardinals can somehow bring down the Powerhouse Phillies, the Wild Card could get interesting.

I basically just told you what you already knew.

Rookie sensation Vance Worley will go for the Phillies tonight against the Cardinals’ ace (since Wainwright went down) Jaime Garcia. This game, and every game from now on for St. Louis, has serious playoff implications. The Phils have already clinched a spot in the playoffs so this is just another game for them. The Cards are looking real good lately so they might be able to pull this off.

If they do that brings up the Pujols contract issue. Do the Cards bring him back for big money should the playoffs be a success? Is making the playoffs big enough success in itself to justify possibly overpaying Pujols? In my mind Albert will always be a Cardinal. He’s one of those players you just can’t picture in a different uniform. Among other players are Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter (Yankees), Paul Konerko (White Sox), David Ortiz (Red Sox), Michael Young (Rangers), and Ichiro (Mariners). We’ll see how this goes – should get exciting for the Redbird faithful.

7/4 – Game 1 vs. Royals

How about that!

Adam Dunn, who has been undoubtedly the biggest disappointment in the Major Leagues thus far through the season, comes up huge in the eighth inning with that two-run home run, earning him a curtain call that Paul Konerko – while half in the batter’s box – waited for. I don’t know what you think but I think Dunn is starting to turn it around. There’s no way he can continue to be this bad all year when we know he’s capable of fifty homers and one hundred ten runs batted in. Absolutely no way. He may not get up to those numbers I just said, but he’ll put up some big ones.

Speaking of Paul Konerko, he’s the leading vote-getter in the American League Final Vote category. In my mind he should’ve made the team in the first vote but, looking at Adrian Gonzalez’s stats, I can see how he edged Paulie. Still, though, it’s looking like Konerko will make the All-Star team!

It’s good to get back into the swing of blogging. I took a bit of time off because I had a freakishly busy schedule but now I should be back for the rest of the year, barring my extremely unforeseen death. Extremely unforeseen.


6/15 and 6/16 – Game’s 1 and 2 @ Twins

When it comes to the world of baseball, there’s nothing I hate more than losing to the Twins. You can only imagine how I feel losing two in a row.

We got beaten by Carl Pavano, which I think is absolutely ridiculous. Pavano has no talent whatsoever. (When it comes to the Twins, you’re either good like Mauer, or you’re really bad. Pavano isn’t as good as Mauer, therefore, in my mind, he’s really bad.) That needs to be fixed. Next time, 1) don’t lost to Pavano, and 2) don’t lose to the Twins. In that order I think… yeah. Cool!

Next up is Dunn: you pretty much suck again, which isn’t cool. That about sums that up.

I really dislike recapping losing series’. It’s not fun.

So… I’m content with this recap. I usually like to go more in-depth but, for the Twins, this is more than I want to say. I’m not awarding any bullpen points this series because Twins games are the ultimate test and cannot be measured in imaginary points.

Tonight is the last night of Vacation Bible School so I’ll be back to my usual recaps after this.

Go Sox!!

6/12 – Game 4 vs. A’s

I’m sitting here in the tech booth of my church getting ready for night number two at our Vacation Bible School and my friend Mr. Doane, a Cubs fan, walked in, pointed to me, and said, “Hey! Those Sox… they’re starting to look real, real good.” That made me smile.

The Sox are, indeed, looking real good lately. Adam Dunn is starting to hit consistently (I just need five more good games from the guy before he earns back my trust), the starting pitching has been phenomenal, the defense has been solid all season but as of late they’ve really been solid – pretty much all aspects of the Sox are clicking lately.

This Minnesota series is gonna be a big test for the Sox. The Twins are playing some good baseball lately, relying on their talented pitching staff to win ballgames, and they’re looking to gain some ground on us. Where we sit in the standings isn’t entirely close but we can’t afford to lose games right now. The Indians and Tigers are fighting it out for first place but the way the Sox are playing I think we’ll be on top by July. Mark that as my official prediction. Kansas City is looking good, too, as they recently called up top prospect Mike Moustakas. Moustakas at third and Hosmer at first will be a good combination for a long time.

Gavin Floyd (6-5, 3.89) will go for the Good Guys tonight and Carl Pavano (3-5, 4.54) will deal for the Twins. Let’s keep this momentum in our favor! And keep Adam Dunn hitting… please…

Once Rios kicks in we’ll be set.

Go Sox!!

6/11 – Game 3 vs. A’s & The Upcoming Week

My consecutive games recapped streak is in Serious Jeopardy (which is a lot worse than Double Jeopardy) this upcoming week, starting tomorrow. There is Vacation Bible School at my church all week and since my dad is the children’s pastor my family has to be there extra early and stay extra late. Hopefully having my iPad will help and I’ll do the best I can to get a post up after each game, but just in case I don’t… thats why.

And I missed tonights game but I checked out the replays on MLB At-Bat and man what a catch by Lillibridge. Keleigh, I request that play be put on your defensive highlights page (if you weren’t already thinking that yourself).

Danks pitched a heckuva ballgame to earn just his second win of the year. And Jesse Crain logged his first save – two points

Some pitchers will pitch tomorrow.

Go Sox!!