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G’bye Fields and Getz

When you turn on sports radio, you expect to hear breaking news. However, you don’t expect to hear that two promising players were traded to the Kansas City Royals for a couple bats and a bucket of baseballs.

Oh, we got Mark Teahen too, but I’m more excited about the equipment.

The Sox dealt corner infielder Josh Fields and second baseman Chris Getz to Kansas City today for slugging utility man Mark Teahen. Teahen will most likely play second base seeing as we sent Getz away. Mark may also play right field if we decide to unload Jermaine Dye on someone (which seems to be the reason for this trade).

Could Brent Lillibridge slide into the second base slot? What about moving Ramirez to second, Beckham to short stop, and then bringing in — or bringing up — a third baseman?

We also inked first basmean and outfielder Mark Kotsay to a one-year deal today. I’m glad to see Mark will be coming back to the Sox. I remember listening to AM 670 The Score on the day we got Kotsay from Boston, and this person sent a text into the station that was read on the air, and the text said, “Kotsay is a slightly better version of Darrin Erstad.”

I could only chuckle in agreement, but he’s still a good player.

Gordon Beckham

What a kid this guy has turned out to be!

Not only did he show
everyone he truly could play Major League Baseball, but he showed us
for a couple months! I mentioned his stats in my last post so I won’t go over those again… .270/14/63…

The child was drafted as a short stop out of Georgia, but was called-up as a third baseman due to Alexei Ramirez’s seemingly permanent residence at the short stop position. Gordon happily shifted sixty feet to his right so he could have a shot at playing in the MLB. But while I watched him muff a few easy grounders in the first couple weeks, then morph into the second coming of Joe Crede towards the end of the season, one thing nagged at the back of my mind.

He’s a short stop!

As I mentioned, Alexei Ramirez has comfortably set up shop at short stop, so Beckham can’t play there (for some reason we can’t live without the casual throws to first with Carl Crawford plowing up the first base line and the I’ll-show-you-how-“good”-I-am-by-making-this-harder-than-it-needs-to-be scoops on an easy grounder up the middle).

He’s a short stop!

The leading candidate for 2009 Rookie of the Year played a spectacular third base, I’ll give him that. But I watched him take those high-hops and short-hops and, all the while, I was watching a short stop. Gordon Beckham belongs at short.

Why can’t we take Chris Getz out of the lineup? Watching him field you wouldn’t immediately make a Placido Polanco comparison; his hitting left much to be desired, and, though he stole a bunch of bases, he isn’t the guy I want at second base.

I badmouthed Alexei Ramirez earlier in the post, but the things I mentioned would be fine if he was playing second base. You can afford to lollipop a throw to first base with Crawford chugging down the line if you’re playing second base.

However, by moving Beckham to short stop, that leaves nobody at third base.

I’ve heard that Adrian Beltre might be on his way out of Seattle, so he’d be an interesting pick-up by Kenny Williams should he choose to go in that direction.

And, if we’re lucky, there’s always good old #24 (Crede) on the free agent list.

Go Sox!!

Game 3 vs. Royals

I’m glad to know that fellow Sox blogger, and a member of the front office, http://whitesoxpride.mlblogs.com/ posts the lineups about 4 hours before they appear on Gameday! This gives me more time to consider how the team is going to function on that day.

Getting to the lineup, I s’pose I’ll post it and then go over a few pre-game thoughts. 

  1. Chris Getz
  2. A.J. Pierzynski
  3. Carlos Quentin
  4. Jim Thome
  5. Jermaine Dye
  6. Paul Konerko
  7. Alexei Ramirez
  8. Dewayne Wise
  9. Josh Fields
  • John Danks, starting.
Well… I, for one, think we’ll get a lot more productivity out of Wise in the eight slot. Provided we don’t get no-hit, he’ll have a chance to drive in runs down there and hopefully he’ll be along for the ride on a few Fields home runs. 
Ozzie Guillen used Pierzynski in the second spot a lot last year, and it was really useful. When he gets the ball out of the infield, it’s usually launched into the stands or at mid-to-deep depth in the outfield. Getz has some speed so if A.J. can send a blast sailing to the wall, I’m sure Getz could make third or possibly score. If there’s a first-and-third situation, the four guys (or five if you count Ramirez) following Pierzynski are RBI machines and will drive in at least one of them, if not both. 
Pitching for us today is John Danks! I really like the looks of this left hander and last season was a beauty for his personal stats. I’m pretty sure that if he can locate his fastball and keep control of his breaking pitches, we are going to have a great ballgame. 
I’m not sure how to react to the Royals’ decision of sending Kyle Davies to the mound. I underestimated Zack Greinke a little bit yesterday so now I have no idea what to expect out of the rest of their rotation. I guess we’ll just see what happens!
I’ll be back following the game to give my wrap-up and thoughts on what went down at The Cell.
Go Sox!!

“Youth Movement” Thoughts & Other Stuff

We all like a good batch of young, talented players. And I am not one to argue the worth of a prospect. But what if none of the players have ever played together at a big-league level? What if it’s a whole new team of youngsters with absolutely no chemistry?

The Sox are going into the 2009 season with a team full of new ballplayers. Dayan Viciedo, Josh Fields (though he’s played before), Cole Armstrong, Chris Getz and a few other pitchers all have never played — or never played long — at this level. We’ve still maintained a handful of the experienced players, but for the most part we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel for an opening day roster.

Spring Training hasn’t started yet, I know, but I can already tell we’re headed for a roller-coaster ride of a season. Sporting News, in their annual preview magazine, see the AL Central as follows:

  1. Twins
  2. Indians
  3. Royals
  4. Sox
  5. Tigers

At first glance I was shocked and appalled at this prediction but now that I have given it time to sink in… I realize the possible truth to their outlook.

Our infield depth has dropped considerably. Orlando Cabrera, Joe Crede and Juan Uribe are all gone. Uribe could play any infield position while O.C. and Crede were limited to only one slot, shortstop and third base, respectively. Alexei Ramirez, our current shortstop, can also play center and can beat the heck out of the second base position. Chris Getz, a promising rookie, is filling the second base role on the current Sox depth chart. In ten games on the South Side squad last year Getz had seven plate appearances with two hits for a .286 average.

Here are two ways the season could turn out based on my above comments.

  • We crash and burn as Sporting News predicted.
  • We sit in first place for a good portion of the year, then drop off the map

Now give me some time to argue with myself.

Maybe having a bunch of rookies is a good thing! All of these players will be fighting to keep their jobs which, more often than not, results in good statistics. Look at Evan Longoria last year. He was rookie trying to keep the job the Rays had given him at third base and he ends up winning Rookie of the Year. I won’t say that any of our players are in line for winning American League Rookie of the Year as David Price, steering clear of injury, will surely walk away with the award.

Though this has nothing to do with the topic, I am going to throw this into the equation.

Say Carlos Quentin matches or betters his 2008 stats. That will give us roughly 100 RBI and 36 home runs (+/-) from one player alone. Give Thome the same thing and we’re up to 200 RBI and 72 homers. Same for Dye and Konerko and we’re already at 400 runs driven in and 144 round trippers from 4 players alone. All of the above mentioned players are more than capable of producing those kinds of numbers and have in the past.

2008Carlos Quentin… you know the story.
– Jermaine Dye drives in 120 runs and hits 44 homers.
2006 – Jim Thome parks 42 jacks with 109 driven in. 
2005 – Paul Konerko hits 40 home runs and drives in 100.

There is proof that those players have had Ruthian seasons.

But, like in science, something has to be repeatable to be possible.