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5/3 – Game 1 vs. Twins

Well, congratulations to my arch nemesis on a game well played. Edwin Jackson pitched a heck of a ballgame, allowing a homer to Jason Kubel for the Twins’ only run, but Francisco Liriano managed to throw a no-hitter. Good job, I guess?

Thornton with a 1-2-3 ninth with two strikeouts. Two points.
No errors from the defense so I guess that’s good.

Bullpen Points Leaderboard
1Sergio Santos – 19 points
2Jesse Crain – 17 points
3Will Ohman – 12 points
4Chris Sale – 11 points
5Jeff Gray – 7 points
5. Matt Thornton – 7 points
7Tony Pena 6 points

I don’t have anything else to say about this game.
John Danks (0-4, 3.92) vs. Nick Blackburn (1-4, 5.14) tomorrow at 1:10. 
I live and die with this team and tonight I died a little. Getting no-hit is bad enough but getting no-hit against the Twins is even worse. And to top it all off it was Liriano’s first career complete game.
Go Sox. 


I’m (Jokingly) Worried About the Twins here, Guys

The Minnesota Twins are just falling apart lately. Talk is that Francisco Liriano won’t pitch until past the All-Star break (and if he does it’ll be a big mistake), which is good for Sox fans and bad for Twins fans. Justin Morneau is still feeling the effects of the concussion from last July. That must be insanely scary and I can’t even imagine how he feels. And now Joe Mauer is having knee trouble, resorting to shots of “lubricating medicine” (whatever that means) into his knee once a week. 
Twins manager Ron Gardenhire is insisting on starting Joe Mauer behind the plate for 162 games knowing full well that Mauer’s body is obviously breaking down. The best Joe will be able to do in the future is first base, and then after that it’s full time DH. I hate Joe Mauer, but I acknowledge the fact that he’s the best catcher in the game right now. That’s why I hate him. If I were Gardy, I’d shut Mauer down until I knew 100% that he’s good to go. A starting catcher with bad knees is a horrible idea. Sure they need his bat in the lineup, but I’d rather have a healthy Joe Mauer than just Joe Mauer. 
It’s a mess up there in Minnesota but I know they’ll still fight with us up until the last week of September. Looking forward to an excellent season, Twins.
Go Sox.

4/8 Game 3 vs. Indians

I don’t even feel like writing a full review on this game so I’m just gonna say that Quentin homered and that’s pretty much the only good thing that came from tonight’s action.

Jenks was decent; Putz gave it a try but let the Indians blow the game open; Thornton (for the third game in a row) was lights-out; Teahen can’t do anything… nobody on the team can come through in the clutch except for Beckham if you need him to make a sacrifice bunt or Pierre to take a walk.

We welcome the Twins into town tomorrow for game one of a three-game set. Minnesota sends left-hander Francisco Liriano to the mound while the Sox counter with fellow southpaw John Danks.

7:05 for the first pitch and as always you can catch it on 670 The Score beginning at 6:30.

Go Sox!! (Please get a win tomorrow… doing this is much more fun when you win…)