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4/21 – Game 4 @ Rays

Wait, are we allowed to do this? The number in the “W” column – not quite sure what the W stands for, I’ll have to look it up – went up by one. Can we do that…? 

The W must stand for Wefinallywonagame…
Believe it or not, that is actually how I felt when the game was over. It feels so good to win a ballgame! Floyd pitched very well, everyone on the offense contributed, and our defense was more than average. Adam Dunn drove in a run! Ed Farmer thinks that it’ll take another few games before he’s completely re-acclimated to playing full-time, but as long as he drives in a run per game he can take as long as he needs to before he hits home runs again. 
Ohman, Santos, and Gray all pitched very well out of the bullpen. Somebody must’ve knocked out and bagged the old Will Ohman, stuck him in a closet, brought out this new guy, jersey’d him up, and told him that he is now Will Ohman and will pitch effectively. Whoever he is, I like him and he needs to stay. Two points for everybody. Hooray for good outings!
Bullpen Points Leaderboard
1. Sergio Santos – 10 points
2. Will Ohman – 9 points
3. Jesse Crain – 8 points
4. Will Ohman – 7 points
5. Chris Sale – 5 points
5. Tony Pena – 5 points
6. Jeff Gray – 4 points
7. Matt Thornton – 1 point

Thankfully I can now change my background theme, as you have seen already, as it was literally making me sad to look at the Rays theme even though it was only up for less than twenty
-four hours. 
Cleveland is still off to a white-hot start as they’re currently leading 2-0 over the Royals in the bottom of the eighth inning. The Tribe 13-5 on the season, which is ridiculous. Now that Grady Sizemore is back that team is looking really good. Choo, Hafner, Sizemore, Cabrera, Carmona, and Masterson are a pretty good core group of players. 
The Royals aren’t doing too bad, either, as they trail the Indians by two games in the AL Central standings. A lot of early walk-off wins for that young team (with a few veterans peppered in for good measure). 
And, saving the best for last, Joe Mauer is on the 15-day DL. I typically don’t smile at other peoples’ misfortune but I have the biggest grin on my face right now. I love seeing Twins go down. Call me horrible, but it’s true. 
Wow… can’t believe I said that… actually, I can. Nevermind. 
The Sox will head into Motown tomorrow as Mark Buehrle (1-1, 4.50) will take on Justin “Bunny” Verlander (1-2, 3.41). I’ll tell you the not-so-interesting story about that nickname tomorrow. 
Go Sox!!

4/6 – Game 2 @ Royals

That’s a little bit more like it! 

I’d love it if we could get the job done without so many late-inning dramatics (though I do enjoy those… most of the time…) but this was fun! 
We got to Joakim Soria, arguably one of the top closers in the game, and we got to him at the exact right moment. Players will tell you that there is one pitch in every at bat that is the right pitch to hit and all of our guys swung on those pitches. First and third with two outs for Konerko and he brings the Sox within one run. Then the Big Guy, Captain Clutch, the guy I said needed to be good for this team to thrive, comes up HUGE with a 2-run double to put us up 7-6. Look at his reaction here
The Royals tied it up again, though, on a little flair off the bat of Kila Ka’aihue to send it into extra innings. Brent Morel – MY BOY – drove in two runs in the top of the twelfth to put us up for good. 
Adam Dunn is gonna be out for at least a week after an emergency appendectomy but we proved today that we can win without him. (Not that we don’t need him to win. We’re paying him to help us win.) My thoughts going into this season were that Quentin and Beckham would carry this team and they both entered 2011 with big If’s attached to them. Look at them now: Quentin is batting .500 with 2 homers and 10 RBI, earning him Player of the Week, and Beckham has 6 runs scored and is batting .364. 
Another guy that I need to point out is Juan Pierre. That guy has been the igniter of this offense and whenever he’s on base he scores (5 runs in 7 hits so not every time. Who hasn’t exaggerated in their lifetime, though, right? …right?). 
Switching over to the pitching side of this game, I’m sick of Will Ohman already. When Ed Farmer said he was comin’ in to pitch I set my head down on the pillow on my bed and said “Aww great…” Apparently I was loud enough that my 11-year-old brother came in to ask what was wrong. 
“Ohman’s pitching.”
“Is that bad?”


“Oh, sorry.”
Unfortunately I have a feeling it’ll be like that all season. We always need to have that one guy we sink our heads on to our pillows because of. Mike MacDougal, Scott Linebrink, David Aardsma, Bobby Jenks for a while. 
Keep a pillow handy this year.
Go Sox.

4/5 – Game 1 @ Royals

We should’ve had this game.
Nice triple Pierre, good job driving him in Beck, nice homer Paulie, good job outta the ‘pen Santos, and nice hit Melky Cabrera. 
Ugh… these games give me headaches… 4-0 right off the bat and we can’t hold on to it. We could barely hold on to 14-0. If the whole season is gonna be like this I’m going to need a lot more bags of Sweet Tart Gummy Bunnies.
One game, I know. Royals are hot, I know. But still… 
Go Sox??

Kansas City Thoughts

After reading the article that Joe Posnanski wrote in this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated, I’m really excited for the up-and-coming stars that the Royals have in the organization. The article pokes fun at all the hype surrounding the Royals prospects by saying at this point in 2015 Kansas City will be defending World Champions. While that may be pushing it a little far, I don’t think it’s entirely out of the realm of possibility. 

Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer, Mike Montgomery, Wil Myers, and John Lamb, just to name five guys you’ve never heard of, will all be stars in the next few years. Moustakas’ thirty-six home runs tied him for first in all of Minor League Baseball with Angels first base prospect Mark Trumbo. Baseball America ranked the Royals’ third baseman of the future the number four prospect in the organization, and MLB.com says he’s the number seven prospect in all of baseball. 
Coming in at number eight overall is the guy who will be playing in the first base, left-handed hitter Eric Hosmer. The Posnanski article says that in 2015 people will say that Joey Votto is a carbon copy of Hosmer, whereas right now it’s the other way around. Whether he’ll be that good is yet to be determined but there’s no arguing that the kid is very skilled.
The future rotation should rival the Orioles in age and raw talent. Mike Montgomery, Aaron Crow, Tim Melville, John Lamb, Danny Duffy, and Chris Dwyer. With all minor league pitchers it isn’t certain where they’ll be in the pitching staff once they make it to the Major Leagues, but the Royals fans have a lot to look forward to. 
As a White Sox fan I can’t wait for these guys to become threats again. I’m not old enough to remember the last time they were a big part of the competition in our division – in fact, I’m pretty sure it was before the MLB split into three divisions. I look forward to the Royals and the Indians getting back into the game in the years to come. 
Pick up this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated and read the Joe Posnanski article to get more information on these guys. Highly recommended. 

G’bye Fields and Getz

When you turn on sports radio, you expect to hear breaking news. However, you don’t expect to hear that two promising players were traded to the Kansas City Royals for a couple bats and a bucket of baseballs.

Oh, we got Mark Teahen too, but I’m more excited about the equipment.

The Sox dealt corner infielder Josh Fields and second baseman Chris Getz to Kansas City today for slugging utility man Mark Teahen. Teahen will most likely play second base seeing as we sent Getz away. Mark may also play right field if we decide to unload Jermaine Dye on someone (which seems to be the reason for this trade).

Could Brent Lillibridge slide into the second base slot? What about moving Ramirez to second, Beckham to short stop, and then bringing in — or bringing up — a third baseman?

We also inked first basmean and outfielder Mark Kotsay to a one-year deal today. I’m glad to see Mark will be coming back to the Sox. I remember listening to AM 670 The Score on the day we got Kotsay from Boston, and this person sent a text into the station that was read on the air, and the text said, “Kotsay is a slightly better version of Darrin Erstad.”

I could only chuckle in agreement, but he’s still a good player.

Royals Series in Review

Last night’s game was yet another example of an offense not showing up for a game. John Danks was spectacular through his 6 innings of work, allowing only 4 hits, striking out 5 and walking two (7 combined walks from starting pitchers so far). Our bullpen was, once again, stellar up until Bobby Jenks made his second appearance of the season.

Here’s a rundown of the Sox ‘pen from the Royals series.

Sox Relievers in Game 1

  • Clayton Richard | Threw 2 innings, struck out 1 with no hits.
  • Octavio Dotel | Struck out 3 of the 4 batters he faced. Yeah, I said 4.
  • Bobby Jenks | One strike out in his only inning of work for his first save.

Sox Relievers in Game 2

  • Matt Thornton | One inning pitched, 1 strike out.
  • Scott Linebrink | Struck out the 3 batters he faced in the 9th inning.

Sox Relievers in Game 3

  • Mike MacDougal | Pitched one third of the eighth inning, giving up 2 hits.
  • Matt Thornton | Mopped up Mac’s mess with a ground out and a strike out. 
  • Octavio Dotel | Faced 4 batters, punched out 3. 6/6 in K opportunities. 
  • Bobby Jenks | Gave up the winning 2-run homer to Coco Crisp.

Dewayne Wise didn’t help us in any way last night. I’m not laying the blame entirely on Dewayne’s shoulders because the team only collected 4 hits in total so it’s everyone’s fault that we lost. One thing I always like to remind people is that players don’t win and lose games. They can influence a win, but they can’t do it all themselves. If a player hits a walk-off grand slam he doesn’t score all 4 runs — there were 3 guys who got on base before him to to put the batter in the situation where a home run would win the game. It works the other way as well; a single player can’t lose the game. It’s impossible for one player to make 27 outs. You win as a team and you lose as a team — simple Little League philosophy.

Tuesday, April 8th – Game 1 vs. Royals

Mark Buehrle (0-0, 0.00) vs. Gil Meche (0-0, 0.00)
Game one of the opening three-game series was an Opening Day to remember! The game was originally scheduled for Monday but was postponed due to the high chance of snow. Boy were we happy when there was not a cloud in the sky and the temperature on our computers read near 50 degrees. Starting left-hander Mark Buehrle cruised through his 5 innings pitched with the only significant bump being a solo shot off the bat of Royals’ third baseman Alex Gordon. With the score at 2-1 Royals in the 8th inning, Josh Fields led off with a single. Second baseman Chis Getz placed a grounder in between the second baseman and short stop after a Dewayne Wise pop out to center. Carlos Quentin struck out with runners on first and third and walked to the dugout with his head hung low. However, designated hitter Jim Thome saved his skin by slamming a 2-1 pitch into the batters’ eye in center field, giving the Sox the 3 runs they needed to win the ballgame. In the top of the 9th Bobby Jenks logged his first save of the season. Sox 4 – Royals 2.

Wednesday, April 9th – Game 2 vs. Royals

Gavin Floyd (0-0, 0.00) vs. Zack Greinke (0-0, 0.00)
Coming off a dramatic Opening Day win the best thing you can look for in the following game is another victory. With Gavin Floyd on the mound it was pretty much a guarantee the Sox would begin the year 2-0. Floyd dominated the Royals over seven innings, striking out nine and walking two while allowing only 2 runs. If it wasn’t for the extreme lack of offense, it would’ve been safe to say the two runs wouldn’t matter and the Sox would eventually come back. Royals’ starter Zack Greinke surprised everybody watching at U.S. Cellular field, on television or listening through the radio as he completely shut down the Sox bats through his 6 innings. Juan Cruz came out of the bullpen for Kansas City and did a fare job keeping the Sox offense as quite as they were with Greinke on the mound. All-Star closer Joakim Soria pitched an impressive ninth inning for his first save of the 2009 campaign. Royals 2 – Sox 0.

Thursday, April 10th – Game 3 vs. Royals
John Danks (0-0, 0.00) vs. Kyle Davies (0-0, 0.00)
Yet another match-up that looked to be in Chicago’s favor going into the start of the ballgame. John Danks had a break-out season in 2008 while Kyle Davies went 3-7 for Kansas City in the ’08 regular season.John Danks was overpowering on the mound, striking out 5 of the 25 batters he faced and walking only two of them. The offense, as was the case in game 2, unfortunately was nowhere in sight. Davies mowed down the Sox allowing a mere 3 hits in an effort of seven strong innings. Bobby Jenks pitched the 8th inning for the Sox and the game could’ve lasted a while longer if he didn’t serve up a first-pitch cookie to Royals’ center fielder Coco Crisp (teehee… cookie… Crisp…? Anyway…). The White Sox attempted a comeback in the bottom of the 9th inning, and managed to push a run across against Joakim Soria. But that Crisp homer ended up sealing the deal for the Royals as they beat the Sox and took the series two games to one. Royals 2 – Sox 1.

With those games behind us we welcome the Minnesota Twins into U.S. Cellular field for a three-game weekend series, kicking off tonight with Jose Contreras on the mound for the first time since last August.

Let’s murder those Twinkies!!

Go Sox!!

Game 3 vs. Royals

I’m glad to know that fellow Sox blogger, and a member of the front office, http://whitesoxpride.mlblogs.com/ posts the lineups about 4 hours before they appear on Gameday! This gives me more time to consider how the team is going to function on that day.

Getting to the lineup, I s’pose I’ll post it and then go over a few pre-game thoughts. 

  1. Chris Getz
  2. A.J. Pierzynski
  3. Carlos Quentin
  4. Jim Thome
  5. Jermaine Dye
  6. Paul Konerko
  7. Alexei Ramirez
  8. Dewayne Wise
  9. Josh Fields
  • John Danks, starting.
Well… I, for one, think we’ll get a lot more productivity out of Wise in the eight slot. Provided we don’t get no-hit, he’ll have a chance to drive in runs down there and hopefully he’ll be along for the ride on a few Fields home runs. 
Ozzie Guillen used Pierzynski in the second spot a lot last year, and it was really useful. When he gets the ball out of the infield, it’s usually launched into the stands or at mid-to-deep depth in the outfield. Getz has some speed so if A.J. can send a blast sailing to the wall, I’m sure Getz could make third or possibly score. If there’s a first-and-third situation, the four guys (or five if you count Ramirez) following Pierzynski are RBI machines and will drive in at least one of them, if not both. 
Pitching for us today is John Danks! I really like the looks of this left hander and last season was a beauty for his personal stats. I’m pretty sure that if he can locate his fastball and keep control of his breaking pitches, we are going to have a great ballgame. 
I’m not sure how to react to the Royals’ decision of sending Kyle Davies to the mound. I underestimated Zack Greinke a little bit yesterday so now I have no idea what to expect out of the rest of their rotation. I guess we’ll just see what happens!
I’ll be back following the game to give my wrap-up and thoughts on what went down at The Cell.
Go Sox!!