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9/20 – Giants @ Dodgers

Could you ask for a better pitching matchup late in the baseball season? Cy Young candidate (and probably frontrunner) Clayton Kershaw against two-time Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum. Both are dominant young pitchers, Kershaw a lefty and Lincecum a righty, both are strikeout specialists with consistanty low ERA’s. I’ve always been a bigger fan of a great pitching duel than I have of an offensive slugfest so this game looks to be good.

It’s sad that Matt Kemp is having such a good season on such an obsolete team. I don’t quite understand why Kershaw gets to be in the running for Cy Young but Kemp is barely talked about when it comes to Most Valuable Player. His stats show that he’s more than qualified for the MVP award yet names like Braun and Fielder are the two you hear most. I can’t even think of anyone else who deserves the award at this point. Pujols hasn’t had a Pujols-like year so he isn’t in there, Dan Uggla has been led the Braves to the top spot in the Wild Card, Ryan Howard is probably in there. But Kemp is having such a spectacular year that I hope he at least gets one first-place vote, you know?

On the Giants’ side it’s been a struggle for them since the beginning of the year. They lost Posey almost immediately after the season started and the offense hasn’t quite been there. Right now they sit at four games back in the Wild Card, good for third place, and a whole a game behind the Cardinals. Guys like Ross and Torres haven’t quite been what they were last season (Ross was a special case and had a year that you can neither project nor expect to be repeated) and additions like Orlando Cabrera and Carlos Beltran have done all they can to keep the Giants in the running for the Wild Card. As of late the starting pitching has really picked up and the kids they have on the staff have been dealing like they did last year, which I think gives them a bit of an edge over the Cardinals and the Braves in the Wild Card.

The Giants probably won’t make up four games with eight left to play but you can at least hope. As I mentioned the other day, though, Chris Carpenter has been pretty good for the Cardinals down the stretch.

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5/22 – Game 3 vs. Dodgers

Unfortunately I missed the game today because some people from church invited my family over for lunch. I had a good time and forgot about the game until I was in the car on the way home.

From the looks of the box score it seems that Edwin Jackson pitched pretty well. He threw one hundred seven pitches, though, in his short outing. Edwin allowed one run in five and two thirds innings of work, striking out seven and walking two. It’s frustrating when I miss good games like this one (but like I said I had a good time).

Alexei Ramirez had a breakout game, collecting five RBI on four hits including a two-run home run in the first inning. A.J. Pierzynski also went deep in the first – only his second home run of the year – as the Sox bats continue to heat up. Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko also drove in one run each.

Can we give Paulie a standing ovation really quick? *stands up and applauds* He has thirty-six RBI so far and he’s been the most consistent batter on the team this year. He’s definitely earning the money we paid to bring him back. Unlike another first baseman on the roster. Who’s name isn’t Dallas McPherson. Twenty-one runs batted in is nice… four home runs is alright… fifty-seven strikeouts though? He’s leading the Major Leagues. Not the American League… he’s leading everybody. He’s even leading Mark Reynolds.

The bullpen had a decent game. Chris Sale gave up two runs so he’ll only get one point (I’m excited about the win so I’m being a little forgiving today), Jesse Crain picked up his seventh hold of the season after one inning of work, and Matt Thornton somehow picked up a save with a five run lead. The save rule has always confused me. Two points for both Crain and Thornton.

I’m excited all over again for this team. I know the entire Sox fanbase has gotten that way a couple of times this year but I think this is for real now. Two out of three from the Dodgers is excellent. Let’s keep it going.

The winless John Danks (0-6, 4.32) will take on Alexi Ogando (4-0, 2.13) as the Sox head out to Texas to play the Rangers. Get Johnny in the win column, boys!

Go Sox!!

5/21 – Game 2 vs. Dodgers

I apologize for the late post but this video was an absolute pain to edit. However, I’m really glad I did it because it’s pretty cool. Little shoutout to Dodgerfilms in there.

Home runs from The Bridge and Alexander the Resurgent.

Tony Pena gets three points.

Next game is tomorrow at 1:10 PM. Edwin Jackson (3-5, 4.53) vs. Hiroki Kuroda (5-3, 2.80).

I’m so tired… I ate a lot…

5/20 – Game 1 vs. Dodgers

That game sucked.

We had it and then Sergio Santos, of all people, gave it up. His first runs allowed all season – including Spring Training. We tried to come back but it didn’t really work as Kenley Jansen, Matt Guerrier, Scott Elbert, and Mike MacDougal held us to one run over three innings. It’s really a shame because Humber pitched very well, again, in his seven innings of work. He only allowed to runs to this Dodger offense that has the potential to walk all over you. Humber just can’t catch a break. I’m sure his head dropped when the ball jumped off of Russell Mitchell’s bat in the ninth inning.

Gordon Beckham had a two-run home run and Alex Rios scored on a Ramon Castro double in the second inning. Adam Dunn drove in our fourth run on a sacrifice ground out in the bottom of the tenth and that was it.

Jesse Crain gets three points for, at that point in the game, an extremely clutch two thirds of an inning of work. He came on with the bases loaded and struck out Juan Castro and then got James Loney to hit a tapper in front of Alexei Ramirez which the short stop handled nicely. Three points for Crain, no points for anyone else. (“Anyone else” referring to Matt Thornton and Sergio Santos.)

I’ll be at the game tomorrow and I’m bringing my video camera to document it for my blog. I’ll take pictures as well so tomorrow’s game recap well be very media-oriented. And an update on that thing that I teased the other day, it will be here by Tuesday. And then I can share it with you. Cuz it’s awesome.

Mark Buehrle (3-3, 4.07) vs. Jon Garland (1-3, 3.55) tomorrow. Pretty cool to see Garland back in Chicago, he was always one of my favorite pitchers. Him and Neal Cotts.

Go Sox!!

Tickets – Part 2


So I walked out to the FedEx man today and received this little envelope from him. My dad said that because the lady on the phone said that it would come “by Friday” that meant the only possible day it could get here is Friday. Well, today is Thursday. And here’s this envelope.
Upon opening it up I found…
TWO parking passes. Not entirely sure why we needed two but it’ll be cool to have one in mint condition without having to not go to the game. And then, of course, I also found… 
5/21 Sox Tickets
That. Is. RIGHT. United Scout Seats! How epic is that!? See the face value on them? $210. That means for all four of these it would’ve been $840. I paid seventy five cents to win these which means I saved $839.25. My mom made me call the woman (who actually works for United and who’s name is Catherine) and thank her for them. When she found out that I had gotten the tickets she said, “Anders… these are the most fantastic seats… everything is free. There’s a buffet before the game and that’s free and then anything during the game is free.” Free food. I don’t even care that I’ll be at a Sox game, I get FREE FOOD. For a 17-year-old boy that’s just as good as saying “Here’s a Lamborghini you can use all week without paying for it.” 
So now I’m even more excited. I looked at the seating chart on whitesox.com and these seats are ridiculous. When you’re watching on TV section 134 is just to the right of home plate and row 5 is in the middle. Maybe I’ll be in the line of sight of the TV cameras? Who knows. I’ll make a sign or something so you can see me.
Catherine, if you ever read this, thank you again. In advance. I’m sure I’ll be thanking you more once I actually go to the game. And eat the food. For free.
Go Sox!!

Spring Training Opening Day!

It’s finally here! Spring Training opening day! I’ve been waiting since November for this day to arrive and, as I said, it’s finally here. 

The White Sox will take on the Dodgers today in about an hour. I have my scorebook in front of me with my color-coded pens (one color for each team, so I’ve got a nice shade of blue for the Dodgers and black for the Sox), I’m listening to Boers and Bernstein on The Score before Ed and DJ take the air for the first time in much too long. 
Adam Dunn will make his debut at DH today and I’m ready to mark down at least two strikeouts in my scorebook. 
Happy New Year, MLBLogs!