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6/12 – Game 4 vs. A’s

I’m sitting here in the tech booth of my church getting ready for night number two at our Vacation Bible School and my friend Mr. Doane, a Cubs fan, walked in, pointed to me, and said, “Hey! Those Sox… they’re starting to look real, real good.” That made me smile.

The Sox are, indeed, looking real good lately. Adam Dunn is starting to hit consistently (I just need five more good games from the guy before he earns back my trust), the starting pitching has been phenomenal, the defense has been solid all season but as of late they’ve really been solid – pretty much all aspects of the Sox are clicking lately.

This Minnesota series is gonna be a big test for the Sox. The Twins are playing some good baseball lately, relying on their talented pitching staff to win ballgames, and they’re looking to gain some ground on us. Where we sit in the standings isn’t entirely close but we can’t afford to lose games right now. The Indians and Tigers are fighting it out for first place but the way the Sox are playing I think we’ll be on top by July. Mark that as my official prediction. Kansas City is looking good, too, as they recently called up top prospect Mike Moustakas. Moustakas at third and Hosmer at first will be a good combination for a long time.

Gavin Floyd (6-5, 3.89) will go for the Good Guys tonight and Carl Pavano (3-5, 4.54) will deal for the Twins. Let’s keep this momentum in our favor! And keep Adam Dunn hitting… please…

Once Rios kicks in we’ll be set.

Go Sox!!

5/3 – Game 1 vs. Twins

Well, congratulations to my arch nemesis on a game well played. Edwin Jackson pitched a heck of a ballgame, allowing a homer to Jason Kubel for the Twins’ only run, but Francisco Liriano managed to throw a no-hitter. Good job, I guess?

Thornton with a 1-2-3 ninth with two strikeouts. Two points.
No errors from the defense so I guess that’s good.

Bullpen Points Leaderboard
1Sergio Santos – 19 points
2Jesse Crain – 17 points
3Will Ohman – 12 points
4Chris Sale – 11 points
5Jeff Gray – 7 points
5. Matt Thornton – 7 points
7Tony Pena 6 points

I don’t have anything else to say about this game.
John Danks (0-4, 3.92) vs. Nick Blackburn (1-4, 5.14) tomorrow at 1:10. 
I live and die with this team and tonight I died a little. Getting no-hit is bad enough but getting no-hit against the Twins is even worse. And to top it all off it was Liriano’s first career complete game.
Go Sox. 

5/2 – Game 4 vs. Orioles

Of course! The night I’m at an awesome concert and miss the game the Sox have to win. 

Alex the Resurgent hit a home run, his second of the year. I’m really glad that he’s starting to heat up because he was our spark plug last season and, even if he won’t be that guy this year, it’s good to have him doing things. Konerko homered as well, his eighth of the season, which is awesome. We’re sort of getting into that “We really need a long ball here” mode that we’ve been in for so long. I know home runs are good but we can’t depend on them – moving baserunners along is good, too. Scoring on a double, even scoring on a single if you’re fast. But that’s enough of that for right now. We won and that’s all that matters.
Pretty good night out of the bullpen! Jesse Crain had yet another solid outing, striking out another three batters. Chris Sale still seems lost on the mound as he gave up a two out, two-run homer to Derrek Lee. Sergio Santos came in and locked up the save, though, so that is stellar. Because Crain is so hot lately he’ll get another three points, Santos will get two, and Sale will get one. 

Bullpen Points Leaderboard
1. Sergio Santos – 19 points
2. Jesse Crain – 17 points
3. Will Ohman – 12 points
4. Chris Sale – 11 points
5. Jeff Gray – 7 points
6. Tony Pena – 6 points

6. Matt Thornton – 5 points

Hate to see Thornton still chilling at the bottom of the list but that’s what he gets for not being good. 

I took a good amount of pictures at the concert tonight. They’re all on my sister’s iPod so once she posts them on Facebook I’ll put a couple in a post on here. 
The Sox welcome in the Minnesota Twins tomorrow. Lets beat up on them and keep them in the cellar, shall we? Edwin Jackson (2-3, 5.86) vs. Francisco Liriano (1-4, 9.13) – see what I did there? I bolded the lett–nevermind… we should score a lot based on Liriano’s ERA…
Go Sox!!
EDIT: Instead of going in and editing what I said I’m just going to admit my mistake. Konerko homered twice tonight, his seventh and eighth. See what happens when I miss a game? I can’t even read a box score correctly.

I’m (Jokingly) Worried About the Twins here, Guys

The Minnesota Twins are just falling apart lately. Talk is that Francisco Liriano won’t pitch until past the All-Star break (and if he does it’ll be a big mistake), which is good for Sox fans and bad for Twins fans. Justin Morneau is still feeling the effects of the concussion from last July. That must be insanely scary and I can’t even imagine how he feels. And now Joe Mauer is having knee trouble, resorting to shots of “lubricating medicine” (whatever that means) into his knee once a week. 
Twins manager Ron Gardenhire is insisting on starting Joe Mauer behind the plate for 162 games knowing full well that Mauer’s body is obviously breaking down. The best Joe will be able to do in the future is first base, and then after that it’s full time DH. I hate Joe Mauer, but I acknowledge the fact that he’s the best catcher in the game right now. That’s why I hate him. If I were Gardy, I’d shut Mauer down until I knew 100% that he’s good to go. A starting catcher with bad knees is a horrible idea. Sure they need his bat in the lineup, but I’d rather have a healthy Joe Mauer than just Joe Mauer. 
It’s a mess up there in Minnesota but I know they’ll still fight with us up until the last week of September. Looking forward to an excellent season, Twins.
Go Sox.


Usually I joke about this stuff, but I’m serious this time. I cringed when I saw Joe Mauer’s face on the MLB.com home page today. 

Believe it or not, that is all I have to say today. Well, for now. 

What If

So I’m an intern at Fox Sports Radio and tonight was my first night. I was happily surprised when I and my friend Ethan got to jump on the radio and talk baseball for a segment (roughly twenty minutes). We got on the topic of Albert Pujols and how he may or may not come to the Cubs. That, of course, lead to the Adam Dunn signing and the one host, John Popovich, said “There’s no way Adam Dunn will hit forty homers this year.” Even though I smiled and disagreed, this got the back of my mind working.

What if Adam Dunn doesn’t hit forty homers this year? What if Adam Dunn doesn’t produce the way we’re projecting him to? What if he strikes out 220 times? 
We’re placing a lot of expectations on a guy who has never even played in the American League. He’s faced a handful of these pitchers in interleague play, but that isn’t the same as playing 162 games a season and seeing some guys five or six times each. 
It’s nice to look at Dunn’s stats and think “Man, I can’t believe we have this guy.” Then you have to jump into reality and face the truth that he might not perform like that. Sure he’s hit 46 homers in a season and has driven in 100 runs a few times. It isn’t guaranteed that he’ll do it again. Nothing is guaranteed. 
I’m not trying to sound like Debbie Downer here, I’m really excited that we brought in Dunn for the 2011 season. Konerko, Dunn, and Rios (not necessarily in that order) in the 3-4-5 slot should be able to match Mauer, Morneau, and Cuddyer up in Minnesota. Heck, they could even do better than those three guys. I’d love for Adam Dunn to club fifty homers and drive in 120, for all we know right now it could happen. 
But for every upside there’s a downside.
Nobody thought Jake Peavy would tear his arm clean off his shoulder and miss the remainder of the 2010 season. 
Nobody thought Carlos Quentin would randomly break his hand back in 2008. I know I joked yesterday about how he was practicing krav maga, but that ruined our playoff hopes. Sure we still made it but if we had Quentin we could’ve gone farther than we did.
However, like I mentioned, there are upsides as well.
Nobody thought Paul Konerko and Alex Rios would bust out like they did, Konerko finishing fifth in AL MVP voting because of it. 
Nobody thought a kid who was in college in March would be saving games in the Major Leagues by August the same year. 
The beauty of baseball is that we have no idea what will happen, to whom it’ll happen, and when it will happen to that person. Be it good or bad, this sport is completely random and in my mind that’s what makes it so compelling. 
So sure Adam Dunn might not hit forty homers. Sure he couldn’t even get to thirty. But it’s the thought that he might lead us to the playoffs and earn every penny Kenny Williams is paying him that is making me excited for this season. 
41 days until Opening Day. 
Go Sox.

4/11 Game 3 vs. Twins

It was a close game but the Sox managed to salvage a win from this series.

I was at the home opener of the Kane County Cougars, a single-A affiliate of the Oakland A’s, so I didn’t actually hear any of the game. However, I was catching updates from the two older gentlemen a row ahead of me and my sister, so I knew what was going on… sorta…

The game was tied 4-4 until the bottom of the eighth inning when Andruw Jones, pinch hitting for Mark Kotsay, laced a single through the hole between third base and short. Carlos Quentin came chugging around third base as the ball was being thrown in towards home plate. As Quentin neared the batters’ box area the ball actually hit him in the back of the foot and deflected away from Joe Mauer, allowing Quentin to score without a bang-bang play at home.

Mark Buehrle gave up four runs on eight hits while striking out one and walking two in eight solid innings of work. Just Big Bobby Jenks came on in the bottom of the ninth to close things out for his first save of the season. If Jenks wants the “Bad” to be put back in his nickname I’m going to need to see this type of outing another twenty times.

Paul Konerko cracked his third home run of the season, a 2-run shot, while Kotsay and Gordon Beckham each hit solo homers.

The Sox are 2-4 after our six-game season-opening home stand and travel to Toronto tonight to face the Jays. Jake Peavy (0-0, 5.40) faces Brian Tallet (1-0, 2.70) in game one of this three-game series.

Go Sox!!