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4/7 Well… At Least our Bullpen was Solid….

It’s games like this that suck the life right out of me…

There was Gavin Floyd; cruising through the first 2 innings when pesky Mike Aviles came up to bat in the 3rd, with two outs, and smacks a double at the center field wall. We attempted a comeback in the 7th inning when Jermaine Dye clubbed a flair into shallow center that resulted in a single. He was stranded, though, and our hopes for a win were smashed, slashed and buried. The Royal’s bullpen took over and eventually Joakim Soria (and his insanely awesome facial hair) closed out the ballgame. 2-0 loss for the Sox.

Things I Noticed

  • A.J. Pierzynski continues to prove himself as the smartest player in Major League Baseball. From knowing how to block a ball in the dirt to following a runner down the baseline to cover and empty first base — the dude has brains like no one else in the game.
  • Gavin Floyd’s curveball = the epitome of nastiness.
  • Sox fans attending the game boo Wise at the plate but cheer for him in the field. Hypocrites!
  • Matt Thornton’s dominance went nowhere this off season.

Things I Want to Continue

  • I’d love to see Fields extend his spectacular play streak to 3 games tomorrow in the rubber match.
  • Our bullpen needs to keep dominating opposing hitters. Checking my scorecards, they’ve struck out 9 of the 23 hitters they’ve faced and have only allowed 1 hit. That’s a .043 average.
  • Scott Linebrink is 3-3 in strikeout opportunities. Keep ’em coming, Scott. Keep ’em coming.

Things I Want to See End

  • Paul Konerko is 5-38 lifetime against Zack Greinke. When we play them next, Paulie’s due for a jack or two. Only thing it’d hurt would be Greinke’s ERA.
  • Keeping on the topic of Konerko, my dad and I realized it’s been taking him awhile to heat up. If he could get going’ a little earlier, I’m sure it would help us out a lot. 
  • Carlos Quentin… I am loving the intensity, but it’s only the second game. Calm down.

Gavin Floyd, though he gave up the 2 runs, was amazing tonight. He struck out 9 through 7 innings and walked only 2 (one better than Buehrle’s three yesterday). I’d also like to mention that, for the most part, he had pinpoint control of his pitches. There were only three or four times I can remember that a pitch either slipped or took a nosedive into the plate.

As far as our offense went, there’s really not much I can say. We went up against, probably, Kansas City’s best pitcher in Zack Greinke and got what we should have been expecting. Not that you should go into a game expecting to be shut out, but I didn’t think we’d get much done against this guy. Jermaine Dye hit two of our three hits, the other going to Pierzynski in the 5th inning.

Dewayne Wise hit a lot better in today’s game than he did yesterday. He struck out only once — a big improvement over yesterday — and made good, solid contact the rest of the time. Maybe tomorrow he’ll get a hit?

Speaking of tomorrow, 1:05 is the starting time! John Danks will take the bump for the Sox and Kyle Davies will go for the Royals in the third and final game of this series.

Until my preview tomorrow, and forever until the day I die,

Go Sox!!