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Couple of Guys

As of right now there are a couple of guys that I really want to see make the roster. I don’t know how many spots are available right now because I haven’t been paying close enough attention to have a sure opinion on who’s staying with the big club and who’s starting the year in the minors. With all of the starters and a few guys I know will be on the bench, I figure there are 3 or 4 spots open on the roster right now. Here are a few names I want on the roster come April 1st. 

OF Alejandro De Aza – For whatever reason I’m a fan of the Florida Marlins. Don’t ask me why, I honestly have no idea how it happened, I just really like their time. When De Aza was on Florida in 2009 I was really impressed with his speed. This kid can absolutely fly! He isn’t too bad with the glove, either. On the days where we need to give Quentin or Rios a break, this guy and the guy I’m gonna list next are who I want in the outfield.
OF Lastings Milledge – Yeah, he wound up here. Milledge has bounced around from team to team but not because of his talent level, it was more of an attitude issue. Kenny Williams shaped him up, gave him Juan Uribe’s number, and now we have a respectable kid who’s seriously vying for a final roster spot. Lastings has shown he can hit for power (4 home runs in 43 at bats and a 1.028 OPS) and hit for average (.326 in 13 Spring games). Like De Aza, Milledge is also no chump in the outfield. I want this guy for the season.
C Tyler Flowers – I’m not sure how much competition there is for the backup catcher position but I really hope this kid is being considered. I forget which game it was but I remember Ed Farmer and Darrin Jackson pointing out how impressed they were with how good of a game Tyler was calling and how relaxed and really in control he was. That was right about the time in the game that I was thinking that myself. Ramon Castro is huge and awesome, but I think it’s time we give this guy a shot. He was one of the centerpieces in the deal that sent Boone Logan and Javier Vazquez to the Braves. Give that kid a locker already!
CI/OF Dayan Viciedo – Before Dayan was sidelined with that thumb fracture he had, Kenny Williams said that he was our most dangerous hitter to that point of the Spring. .500 OBP is definitely a guy who will get on base. In 23 at-bats this Spring, Dayan has 10 hits, 2 walks, 5 runs, a double, and 2 RBI. Last year people said Dayan was too big to play third and too clunky to be able to field first base properly, so Williams wanted to try him in the outfield. The Tank made a few nice running grabs and threw a couple people out at second base. If we need three backup outfielders, pick this guy. If we need a backup for Morel at third base (who’s last name is not Teahen) then pick this guy.
RP Jeffrey Marquez – I circled this kid on our Spring roster sheet a few weeks ago because in the one inning I watched him pitch he really stood out. I haven’t circled anyone else, but I think I made a good pick. 1-0 with a 1.93 ERA in 5 games this Spring, 1 walk, 11 strikeouts, 2 earned runs in 9.1 innings pitched. I’d like to have that in our bullpen this year. Matt Thornton will be starting the season as our closer, so Sale needs all the help he can get in the late innings. I’d like to see this kid go up against the 6-7-8 hitters of Minnesota to give Sale 9-1-2 and Thornton 3-4-5. I think they’d be able to handle that.
Just a few names that I’d like to see make the cut. De Aza and Flowers will most likely be the two on my list who don’t make it, with De Aza being a fringe guy at this point in the Spring. I’ve always been a fan of Alejandro – even his name is pretty awesome – so I want to see him on the squad. Flowers may have to wait his turn but I think we’ll be more than happy with him when he finally gets a chance to shine. Viciedo will be a huge power threat in years to come, and hopefully I’m not the only guy who has been impressed by Marquez and he will make it as well. 
12 days until Opening Day.
Go Sox!!

2009 Season

The season is only days away! Of course, it’s only Spring Training, but for a baseball junkie like myself this time of year is just as important as October.

OK, not really, but that sounded nice.


The White Sox get underway in a short matter of 8 days, leaving me plenty of time to ponder what did and didn’t go down this past off-season. We, unfortunately, lost Ken Griffey JR, Toby Hall, Joe Crede and Nick Swisher — just to name a few. We gained a handful of good-looking prospects, however; most of which I can’t wait to see don a White Sox jersey at some point down the line.

A guy I think we should have gone after, though, is Ivan Rodriguez. Granted there’s still time to scoop him up, this deal would’ve given us plenty to look forward to while we counted down to the start of Spring Training.

  1. Will his defense hold up?
  2. Will his bat start to catch fire?
  3. How will he handle our pitching staff?
  4. How will he handle our coaches?
  5. How will our coaches/upper management handle him?

All of those are more than eligible questions that are still floating in the air waiting to be answered.

The possibility of Bobby Abreu coming to Chicago which, in turn, would send Jermaine Dye out of the city is something I don’t want to happen. Though Abreu and Dye’s numbers have been comparable (Abreu has a vast upper-hand in the stolen bases department), Dye has such a history on the South Side. It’d be sad to see him leave.

On the home page of whitesox.com is an article that sparked an area in the back of my head. John Danks would love to stay in Chicago via a long-term contract. My thoughts on that were as follows: I’d love to see him stay in Chicago… He and Gavin Floyd (who I would also like to see locked up, long-term) were arguably our most consistent starters over the course of last season. We need that kind of reliability in mid-rotation pitching that we haven’t had since Jon Garland was wearing a White Sox uniform.

Carlos Quentin is another guy we need to sign to a long-term deal. The man was an absolute beast in 2008 and I can only see him get better. His defense was solid, he has a rocket launcher for an arm and his offense leaves nothing to be desired. He’s the ultimate outfielder and a perfect fit for our lineup.

Our minor-league system is looking nice and strong — something I haven’t seen since I began looking at the minor leagues as a hobby. I like the pitchers we picked up from the Yankees in the Swisher deal and I also like the players we got from Atlanta for Vazquez — especially Tyler Flowers. I can see him and Cole Armstrong as the future catching duo for the Sox.

With all this in mind, I’m still waiting for news of Pudge’s arrival on the South Side… I’m waiting for Danks to be signed to an extension… and I’m waiting to find out if Carlos Quentin will hit 96 home runs this year — all of which have a chance of happening.

Vazquez, Logan Dealt

I know, I know; I’m a little late in reporting this but I figure if I write about it past the hot-period, I’ll attract more attention!

A few weeks ago Kenny Williams sent Javier Vazquez and Boone Logan down to the Atlanta Braves for a handful of prospects. But the one I’m most excited about is a catcher by the name of Tyler Flowers, and I’ll tell you why.

So far this off season we’ve done practically nothing but unload our big guns for prospects — and I’m all for that, don’t get me wrong. I’d love to see somebody from a trade emerge into someone nobody thought they would be. Carlos Quentin, for example. Who could’ve seen that happen? Anyway; Toby Hall is gone now and we don’t have a good, solid backup for Pierzynski. Flowers is a rookie, yes, so he probably won’t get called up for a good amount of time (at least until he proves himself in the minors). From what I’ve read on Braves.com, he seems to be pretty solid all the way around: good hitting, defense, strong arm, all the things you look for in a catcher.

In the Arizona Fall League last year, Flowers hit 12 homers and drove in 20 runs. This isn’t too impressive or in-your-face-I’m-good, but I think it show’s that he’s more of a defensive-based catcher.