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4/28 – Game 4 @ Yankees

Alright, well! That happened.

Good game, guys. If only the series were a three-gamer like I thought it was. We could’ve been spared this humiliation. 
Everyone out of the bullpen gets one point for effort. Wasn’t really much we could do against the Yankees tonight. 

Bullpen Points Leaderboard
1. Sergio Santos – 15 points
2. Jesse Crain – 10 points
2. Will Ohman – 10 points
4. Chris Sale – 8 points
5. Tony Pena – 6 points
6. Jeff Gray – 5 points

7. Matt Thornton – 3 points

Next game is tomorrow night against the Baltimore Orioles. Jake Arrieta (2-1, 4.94) will go against John Danks (0-3, 3.27). I’m hoping we don’t give up 12 runs to Baltimore. 

Go Somebody. 

4/19 – Game 2 @ Rays

Have we seen some stellar pitching so far this series or what? David Price yesterday and now James Shields owning the pants off of us tonight. I tell ya! Those kids they have in Tampa Bay are very impressive. 

I’m not even gonna be negative about the Sox tonight. We did everything we could and like last night we just got out-pitched. Jesse Crain did a good job out of the bullpen, two points for him, and Danks did very well in his seven innings of work. Unfortunately, just like in all of Danks’ starts so far this year, we just couldn’t get him a win. 
Nice RBI for Pierzynski in whatever inning that was (I wasn’t really paying attention cuz I was throwing a perfect game with Barry Zito in MVP Baseball 2004 – I finished the perfect game. Only my second of that dynasty but anyway) we needed it. 

Bullpen Points Leaderboard
1. Jesse Crain – 9 points
2. Sergio Santos – 8 points
3. Will Ohman – 5 points
3. Chris Sale – 5 points
3. Tony Pena – 5 points
4. Jeff Gray – 2 points
5. Matt Thornton – 1 point

Look at that! Crain has jumped ahead of Santos in the standings. Woo-hoo. 

Phil Humber (1-1, 3.46) will go against Wade Davis (1-2, 3.26) tomorrow at 5:40. Davis will most likely pitch so well that Cy Young will offer to change the name of the award. I mean seriously! Come on, guys. Six losses in a row? We’re playing like Baltimore. The bad Baltimore. Not that Baltimore has been good since the season started… well, actually, it’s all Buck Showalter’s fault. What a terrible manager. Yeah… blame it on Showalter. So then I guess we’ll blame it on Ozzie? Or Peavy? Yeah! It’s all Peavy’s fault! What a distraction that guy has been.

Exclamation signifying encouragement to the baseball team that plays on the South side of Chicago, Illinois!! Or something…

4/8 – Game 2 vs. Rays

Well… don’t really know where to begin with this one… Here I was all ready to write a nice post about a good 7-5 win over a struggling team, but then Dan Johnson happened. Go figure.
Our offense was there from the beginning, as illustrated by Gordon Beckham’s home run in the first inning. Quentin missed a home run three times tonight. Twice on foul balls that barely missed the pole and once on a fly ball deep to left-center field that hit off the top of the wall. Mark Teahen and Alexei Ramirez hit home runs as well and it looked good for a while. 
Jesse Crain came on in the seventh inning with the bases loaded and only allowed one run, so he gets three points for that performance. Because of the two errors I can’t really fault Matt Thornton for that ninth inning collapse, so I’ll give him the regular two points. The Rays were hitting the ball so Thornton was obviously throwing strikes, we just made some costly errors. Alexei had plenty of time to get the runner at first I think he just got a tad excited – he does that sometimes. That Pierre pop up was inexcusable, though. I’d hate to be in the locker room when Ozzie Guillen talks to him about that one.
Will Ohman made an appearance tonight. He didn’t do too bad but he’s Will Ohman so I’ll only give him one point. Interesting tidbit for you here, before I wrap things up, Paul Konerko is the first player in franchise history to drive in a run in each of the first six ballgames and tonight he continued that streak to seven games. 
Oh, and last thing… we went 1-2-3 against Kyle Farnsworth. Yeah. 
Game three of this three-game series will be tomorrow at 3:05. My Humberometer readings are off the charts which tells me that Phil Humber will make his Sox starting pitching debut tomorrow! (I know all of us White Sox fans were counting down the days until Humber would toe the rubber in a Sox uniform as soon as we heard we picked him up.)

Bullpen Points Leaderboard
1. Jesse Crain – 3 points
2. Matt Thornton – 2 points
3. Sergio Santos – 2 points
4. Will Ohman – 1 point
Go Sox!!