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6/9 – Game 1 vs A’s

Who was that huge guy with the bat that hit a home run in the eighth inning? He had Adam Dunn’s jersey on…

I’m gonna need to see eight more one-for-three or two-for-four games before Dunn earns back my trust. I think that’s a pretty reasonable number, and definitely achievable with one hundred one games left to play in the season. (Can you believe that? Already. Man.)

Mark Buehrle keeps turning in good outing after good outing and it’s making me very happy. Another seven solid innings out of the left-hander tonight as he improved his season record to six wins against four losses. I know we beat up on a team that came into the game having lost nine in a row, but a win is a win, right?

The offense was huge tonight. Dunn had a home run, Konerko had another homer (how many games in a row is that now?), Pierre, Vizquel, Ramirez, and Quentin all drove in runs as well. Everyone contributed in this game and that more than anything will help us win ballgames. It’s nice for one player to have a huge game that we can ride for nine innings (see: Carlos Quentin), but when the guys work as a team we’ll have a higher chance at a win. I know I probably sounded like the John Madden of amateur baseball analysts right there but I like to stress the importance of teamwork.

Didn’t I just say yesterday that this team would be a lot better if Dunn was the Dunn we thought we were getting when we signed him? The next game we get a 9-4 win. Keep it up, big guy. And you too, Rios! I see that two-for-five in the box score, don’t try to hide from me.

Jesse Crain and Will Ohman both appeared in tonight’s game. Crain pitched pretty well and despite allowing one run so did Ohman. Two points for Crain and, even though I don’t usually give out points to pitchers who surrender a run – it was a good game tonight so I’m feeling generous – a point for Ohman as well.

Young Graham Godfrey will be making his MLB debut for the A’s tomorrow against Edwin Jackson (4-5, 4.50). Let’s give him a debut he’ll never forget. In the bad way, though.

Go Sox!!

6/4 – Game 2 vs. Tigers

Over the course of one hundred sixty-two games there is bound to be a heartbreak or two. Or seven. Or ten. You never know, but there are going to be some. Tonight was just one of those games.

Any time Justin Verlander takes the mound you know it’s going to be a difficult battle. With an ERA of 3.12 it should be obvious that it will be tough. And it was. Much like Mark Buehrle yesterday, Verlander really only made one mistake: Gordon Beckham’s two-run home run in the fifth inning. Verlander stuck around until the eighth inning, still dealing, and then Jose Valverde came on in the ninth. Edwin Jackson had a decent outing himself, but a home run by Brennen Boesch in the top of the first inning sort of got things started at an awkward pace.

The usually reliable Jesse Crain gave up a two-run home run to Miguel Cabrera in the top of the ninth inning but that will happen when Cabrera is up to bat. The man is a professional ballplayer and he’s at the top of the Silver Slugger categories (batting average, home runs, runs batted in) year after year. I would rather be burned by a big flame than a little wimpy one. *coughCasperWellscough*

Crain will not earn any points for his appearance tonight. Chris Sale, who was in the game before Crain, and Will Ohman, who entered afterwards, will  earn points – two each, to be exact. It’s rare that Jesse Crain lets us down. He’s only done it one or two times this year, not counting tonight, that I can remember. This far into the year I think that’s still a pretty good ratio of clutch situations to let-downs.

I’m glad to see that after a rough start to his year Will Ohman has turned it around. We now have a couple left-handers out in that bullpen that we can go to. I’m seeing Ohman more as a specialist throughout the remainder of the season and Chris Sale as long man/he’s-just-a-left-handed-pitcher man. Left-handers are highly coveted in baseball and we’ve got a couple of good ones on our hands.

Adam Dunn continued his struggles tonight, striking out another three times. Frank Thomas said in an interview with Boers and Bernstein on The Score (a sports radio station here in Chicago) that he “knew this was going to happen. You play outfield or first base your whole career and then you switch to at-bat by at-bat, it’s going to take a while to adjust.” Big Hurt also said that he should turn it around this month and we should start to see Adam Dunn-like numbers again. The guy knows his stuff so hopefully that’s true.

Alexei Ramirez was two-for-four in the game today so he’s still swinging a hot bat. He should smack everyone in the leg with it, maybe some of his luck will rub off. Or bruise off? Bruise off sounds pretty cool so we’ll go with that.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s game as Jake Peavy (2-0, 3.24) will take on Brad Penny (4-4, 4.72) at 1:05 pm. For whatever reason this pitching matchup looks really good to me. I’ve always been a fan of Brad Penny and with Peavy on the mound for us the two should make for a fantastic ballgame.

Go Sox!!

5/31 – Game 2 @ Red Sox

Well, I didn’t get to see all of this game. I left in the fifth inning when the score was 6-1 and I get home and the final is 10-7? I checked the box score and of course Brian Bruney, the new guy, would mess it up for us. I should stop complaining though, cuz we still won. As pre- and post-game show host Chris Rongey said on Facebook: “A win is a win right now.”

Phil Humber was brilliant once again. Four runs over seven and two thirds innings is right around where he normally is, and he even struck out five batters. I hate blogging about games I didn’t see because I feel like my opinions are like… not what they could be had I seen the game. You know? So I’m not entirely sure exactly how effective Humber was. I’m just going off of numbers here.

Could Alexei Ramirez stay hot? Please? We need him to keep producing like he has been. The kid has had an incredible month of May (.291/3/17/) and he’s had so many clutch hits over the last week. I’ll stop here because I’m pretty much copying word-for-word what I said in yesterdays post. Alexei Ramirez needs to stay hot. I’ll leave it at that. He went four-for-five and drove in another two runs to finish off his red-hot May.

Adam Dunn was back in the lineup tonight. It’s really odd to see him in the seven spot in the lineup but he looks really comfortable there. The other day in Toronto he had four walks in four plate appearances in the seven hole, and today he had a hit and walked twice. Maybe he needs to be down in the lineup? Who knows. The Adam Dunn Experience continues.

The bullpen was horrible except for Sale. Will Ohman and Brian Bruney get no points, Sale gets two points for one third of an inning of work and a save. I’d give out some points because we won but had it not been for our offense Ohman and Bruney would’ve blown the game. That’s not cool. I’ll go ahead and put Bruney’s name on the leaderboard, though, so we know he’s actually a part of the team now.

I’ll have to go back and watch this game so I can see how close it got. Two runs in two thirds of an inning of work, Bruney? Really? I’ll take David Aardsma over you any day. (Okay, maybe not, but I needed a good comparison.)

It’s a 12:35 start tomorrow as Gavin Floyd (5-5, 3.69) looks to improve to 5-0 in his career against the Red Sox. Tim Wakefield (2-1, 4.14) will stand in his way.


Go Sox!!

EDIT: Wow, I’m not doing this for comedic effect, I legitimately forgot this. I had to leave because I had tickets to the Weird Al concert. That is all.

5/24 – Game 2 @ Rangers

Man, I have to be honest, I fell asleep during this game. The rain/tornado delay was a couple minutes shy of three hours long and the game didn’t end until about 1:30 am. I was awake for most of the delay show but I finally gave up and just let myself fall asleep.

That being said, how about this Carlos Quentin kid!? First time this season (I think) in the third slot in the batting order and the guy hits three home runs. Adam Dunn even threw in a home run to offset his home runs-to-strikeouts ratio. And Dunn even bumped his batting average up near .200. Wayta go, bud.

The bullpen was pretty shaky and since my leaderboard is based on individual performance and not performance as a collective bullpen, not everyone gets points. Will Ohman pitched a good inning after the delay so he’ll get two points; Tony Pena allowed two runs so I’m afraid he won’t get any; Chris Sale allowed one run so no points for him; Jesse Crain was his usual self so he gets two points; Matt Thornton = same situation as Sale; finally, Santos struck out two batters en route to a save – two points for Sergio. Santos and Crain are fighting it out for the top spot in the standings.

Tomorrow’s game (well, actually, today’s game as I’m blogging this on Wednesday) will be a 1:05 start (which I didn’t know until I got in the car and found out they were in the eighth inning already… ugh…). It’ll be Gavin Floyd (5-3, 3.88) against C.J. Wilson (4-3, 3.42).

Go Sox!!

4/20 – Game 3 @ Rays

Alright, well, obviously the Rays are a pretty good team. That much is clear. Cy Young’s people just told me that he has indeed extended an offer to change the name of his award to the “Wade Davis” award. We have yet to hear back from Davis’ representatives. 

Carlos Quentin hit a home run. *stands up and applauds* Good job there, buddy. I guess. It was a good attempt but in the end it didn’t really do much but dent Cy Davis’ ERA. At least he’s starting to swing the bat well. I’m sure everyone else is trying their best but I’m really noticing some improvement with Quentin over the past couple days. 
Speaking of Wade Young, he pitched seven innings of one-run ball. So yeah… that was pretty cool. That Tampa Bay pitching rotation is pretty solid, I’m not gonna lie. Shields and Price are always reliable but lately this Davis kid has been clutch – especially against the Sox. 
Someone has taken over Will Ohman’s body and he’s actually started to pitch well. It’s really throwing me off because I expect him to pitch poorly and when he doesn’t I’m disappointed (but in a good way). 

Bullpen Points Leaderboard
1. Jesse Crain – 9 points
2. Sergio Santos – 8 points
3. Will Ohman – 7 points
4. Chris Sale – 5 points
4. Tony Pena – 5 points
5. Jeff Gray – 2 points
6. Matt Thornton – 1 point

I apologize for the not-very-enthusiastic post. I’m just a tad on the frustrated side at the moment. And it’s all Jake Peavy’s fault. Until we win again I’m going to change my theme to the team we’re currently playing against. After tomorrow it’ll be the Tigers. 
Tomorrow’s match-up is Gavin Floyd (1-1, 4.29) against Grover Cleveland Niemann (0-2, 6.32). If we keep the ball out of the outfield we should be fine. The two exceptions to this: 1) A home run and 2) There isn’t really a 2 but it’d look weird if I had just one exception.   
Go Sox. Please. Go.  

4/15 – Game 1 vs. Angels

You know what? I’m alright with this loss. There are some that really frustrate me, there are some that make sense, and there are some that I’m just at peace with. This is one of those.

Gordon Beckham drove in a run in the bottom of the third inning and Adam Dunn clubbed a two-run home run in the bottom of the sixth inning (after a half-hour rain delay), and that was as close as we got. The Angels got all of their scoring done in the top of the fourth inning and with Jered Weaver on the mound I knew that was the end of the game. No chance we get close against Weaver – even though Dunn’s homer came off of Jered, I knew it was just because of the delay.
Good job out of the bullpen for Ohman and Santos, two points for both of you. Jeff Gray makes his debut appearance on my Bullpen Points Leaderboard, he’ll also receive two points.

Bullpen Points Leaderboard
1. Sergio Santos – 8 points
2. Will Ohman – 6 points
3. Jesse Crain – 5 points
3. Chris Sale – 5 points
4. Tony Pena – 3 points
5. Jeff Gray – 2 points

Santos is starting to pull away a little bit. I’m glad we have him to count on out of the bullpen. Thornton has been a huge disappointment and even Chris Sale has let us down a couple of times. Santos is looking really good as of late and hopefully his performance will continue. 
Sox and Angels will go again tomorrow at 3:05, Gavin Floyd (1-0, 2.40) vs. Tyler Chatwood (0-1, 7.20). 
Let’s get a nice streak going and make a run at the Indians and Royals in first place!
…wait, what?
Go Sox!!

4/3 – Game 3 @ Cleveland

Normally when I go to church I wear a button-up shirt so I can look presentable, but today I wore my Joe Crede jersey. I have a pretty good relationship with our pastor so before the 10:30 service started I asked him if he could try to finish speaking by noon so that I could listen to the 12:05 first pitch. He finished speaking at 11:50 and the band was off the stage by 11:55. 

People at my church know how much I love baseball so they understood. (I probably had nothing to do with the fact that they finished early but as our pastor was leaving church he looked at me, at his watch, then back at me and said “You’re missing the game.” I held up my radio to show him that I wasn’t missing a thing. He smiled as he left.)
Everything looked as though it were going to be a good game. John Danks had five strikeouts through two innings and seven K’s through four, so it looked like we were on our way to a nice win. Our offense just couldn’t score any runs to support him. Konerko drove in a run but on April 3 one run won’t be enough. 
The pitching got a little sloppy, we had a triple play turned against us, but we didn’t commit any errors. Orlando Cabrera clubbed a two-run home run in the sixth inning, then Cleveland got two more in the seventh inning and added three in the eighth inning.Will Ohman went an inning and a third allowing three runs, Phil Humber allowed two runs without recording an out, and finally Matt Thornton stopped the bleeding in an inning of work. 
I can’t really complain about much after the way the first two games of the series went. I guess Cleveland fans should be happy that a starting pitcher got stuff done and that the bullpen realized these games count. 
Day off tomorrow then we take on the Kansas City Royals on Tuesday. Gavin Floyd vs. Luke Hochevar. 
Go Sox!!